BioAdvanced Season Long Weed Control For Lawns


Sizes: 29 oz Ready to Spray

Kills existing lawn weeds and prevents listed weeds  from emerging up to 6 months*.

Proprietary 2-in-1 formula 
  • Post-Emergent: Kills existing listed broadleaf weeds
  • Pre-Emergent: Prevents listed broadleaf weeds for up to 6 months

Won't harm lawns**
Apply anytime spring through fall when temperatures are between 50-90 degrees F.
Rainproof in 1 hour

29 oz Ready to Spray treats up to 4,500 sq. ft. for Northern turf, and up to 9,000 sq. ft. for Southern turf

Always read and follow all product instructions

*Does not provide pre-emergent control of Crabgrass. 
**When used as directed
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