With over 350 species of Clematis available globally, you're sure to find one to fall in love with. Varieties we carry are:

  • Piilu - purple tones of single or double blooms. This variety naturally stays shorter than other clematis (3-6'), making it a great addition for pots with small supports.

  • Toki - large pure white blooms that can reach 6-8" across, looks gorgeous against a dark solid backdrop. One of the earliest of bloomers, grows 4-9' tall.

  • Jackmanii Superba - large showy violet-purple blooms that cover the vine most of the growing season. Prune late winter before new growth emerges in spring. Grows 10-12'.

  • Niobe - large wine-red blooms emerge late spring and last thru summer. Quick grower, makes an excellent ground cover or climber on arbors and fences. Minimal to no pruning required. Grows 8-12' tall.

  • Rouge Cardinal - velvety, crimson flowers vigorously appear from mid-summer to early fall. Grows 6-12' tall.

  • Sweet Autumn - produces small aromatic white flowers in late summer. Grows quickly (up to 2' per year) so pruning after flowers fade is recommended to control growth.

Botanical Name
varies by species
as trained
Sun Exposure
Full Sun Partial Sun
Foliage Colors
Dark Green
Water Requirements
Moderate Secondary Culinary