Dark Grey Chat


Dark Grey Chat is a dark grey color of chat that makes a nice alternative to concrete for smooth pathways. Ideal for walkways, park strips or any area where you would like a compacted path.

1 cubic yard - $79.99
1/2 cubic yard - $45.00

Chat is a crushed rock with particle size ranging from 3/8" to very fine particles. Chat compacts down tight and is used for pathways, around garden boxes and in many other landscape applications. Chat can also be used as a base for flagstone or pavers, but is not recommended for driveways, parking areas etc.


  • Compact base prior to installation
  • Recommended to put down a MINIMUM of 2-3" of material
  • Level chat after depositing in desired area\
  • Lightly water in the chat
  • Compact using a plate compactor

Please note - as this product needs to be compacted, you may need more material than estimated to complete installation.

Unit of Measure