Lupine are some of the most popular garden perennials due to their extrodinary blossoms that come in a huge variety of colors.

Lupinus includes approximately 200 species which grow in all regions of the country. One of the most well known varieties is called Texas Bluebonnet, but there are hundreds more that are equally stunning.

Depending on the variety, they will grow between 1 to 4 feet tall. The leaves are grey-green with silvery hairs, shaped in a palm like structure with 7-10 fronds. The exquisite flowers resemble sweet pea flowers (they are part of the pea family). They do get seed pods after blooming, the pods can contains up to 12 seeds.

Some interesting facts about Lupine:

  • They are nitrogen-fixing and can improve your soil.
  • Many species of lupine are poisonous to livestock.
  • Lupines are deer-resistant.