Long-lived classics with a variety of flower forms. Peonies make a grand impression in the perennial border and a choice cut flower.

Itoh peonies are hybrid plants that combine all the best qualities of both herbaceous peonies and tree peonies. They grow very well in a range of climates, from Zones 4-9. The foliage makes a unique focal point after the blooming season is over, but the blossoms are the real show stoppers. The massive and abundant blooms are stunning in the yard, but also make for some truly spectacular floral arrangements. 

These stunners are favorites for good reason. They will grow for decades, can be transplanted easily and are considered to be "collectors items" for gardeners.

Herbaceous peonies are one of the most easily grown hardy perennials available today. Long lived and durable, an herbaceous peony can easily live as long as 100+ years. This variety dies back to the ground every fall and will start to grow through the soil in early spring.

Tree peonies are more like small shrubs, they do not die back to the ground, but will keep the tree-like structure when the plant has gone dormant for the winter. Like the other varieties of peonies, these produce gorgeous, goblet-shaped flowers in May and June.

Botanical Name
Bloom Time
Foliage Colors
Dark Green Red
Water Requirements