Rose, Easy Elegance



Roses are easily the world's most popular flower, but there are many among us who are intimidated by the kind of care owning a rose implies. Growers have heard these concerns and have been busy developing rose varieties that are easier, more straightforward additions to your landscape.

The Easy Elegance series is a wonderful example of this new style rose, considered an everblooming hybrid shrub rose. Easy Elegance roses are selected to set new foliage and flowers after blooming without waiting to be dead-headed, forming mounded shrubs that rarely get bigger than 4' tall and 4' wide with cane structure that isn't as bulky as their hybrid tea and floribunda cousins, so they can be massed more successfully as foundation plantings or even as low hedges. Best of all, the whole series is own root, which means the whole plant is genetically the same instead of the more typical bud grafted varieties that could present suckering problems.

Some of the varieties we carry throughout the season:

  • Calypso

  • Champagne Wishes

  • Coral Cove

  • Funny Face

  • Grandma's Blessing

  • Head Over Heels

  • High Voltage

  • Kashmir

  • Kiss Me

  • Paint the Town

  • Super Hero

  • Sunrise Sunset

  • Sweet Fragrance

Learn more about these amazing roses here:

Botanical Name
Foliage Colors
Dark Green
Soil Type
Well Draining
Sun Exposure
Full Sun Partial Sun
Water Requirements